aotd: “Portrait at the bar vs 1”

This piece is from an artist known as Neizen. I know very little about this artist, but I do know he likes the movie “Ricky-O the story of Ricky”, anyone who likes that movie is ok in my book.

This specific piece is made from Charcoal, ink and some photoshop. It looks amazing, I’ve always loved the look that lines of ink can add to either waterolor or charcoal pieces. I’m not quite sure where photoshop was used, maybe a little of the background texture. It flows seamlessly, it’s great when you can’t tell where photoshop has been used.

The expression looks great too, not like this person was posing but more like the artists caught the person in mid thought, or mid conversation. I love it when we can see a portrait of someone who doesn’t look like they were posing on purpose.

Check out this artists amazing gallary, so many great works there.
Neizen profile

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    Aug 13, 2008 at 1:31 am

    I love this piece. The incredible detail; the hard line of the mouth, the almost startled or angry eyes, the depth of the lighting…fab-u-lous! This is something I can look at a thousand times and still be in love with.

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