aotd: “Yesterday”

It’s been way too long since I have shown some photography. So here is a photo from Ohio based photographer, Jeremy Brotherton.

He is quite an amazing photographer. One of the things I love about looking through his gallery, is he only shows his best. Ive never seen a photo from him that was worth skipping. His is consistent in what he does, has a great eye and is versatile. He works in digital as well as film, and knows how to use photoshop, without making it obvious in his photos.

This specific photo is the one that got me hooked on his work, I love how ghostly and worn the photo is. It makes you ask so many questions. How old is this image? Who is that girl, and where is she?

Make sure you click the link and check out the rest of his work. He also has prints for sale.
Jeremy Brotherton

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