Art of the Day: “The Clergy: Monk” by E. Gauger

It’s been almost a month now since I have done an “Art of the Day” feature, so what better way to start back up than to show some work by Berkeley artist E. Gauger. This painting is entitled “The Clergy: Monk” and is 5″ x 7″; pencil, brick red and black ink on clay-board. I love how she used an Exacto knife to scratch out the highlights.

This painting is a part of a tryptich the artist is creating for a friend, how lucky is that? It’s an amazing painting and I’m sure in person is even more dynamic. I like how subtle the background is, but still very detailed. Almost like an old cabinet photo, and it really helps to draw your eye to that face. This tryptich is not done yet so you can be sure I will be posted the full, finished piece soon. I just had to post this one as a teaser. It was too good to pass up.

Head on over to her homepage to see more:


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    Slave Driver
    Jan 16, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Reminds me of a grendler, if anyone ever watched that old tv series from the 90’s Earth 2. Anyways pretty cool.

    • Reply
      Jan 18, 2009 at 11:52 pm

      yeh, does look a little bit like that.

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