Artists: Matt Dye

I often get submitted artists websites to check out, this is one that showed up today and I had to share. Matt Dye is an artist out of Eugene, OR. He has done a huge amount of concert posters, as well as fine art screen-prints, monographs and more. I haven’t seen any of the prints in person but they look very vibrant and sharp. Looking through the countless prints in his store, and those that have long sold out as well, there are quite a few that I am taken with.

I really like the Sharon Tate, David Bowie Mugshot and of course the Stormtrooper print (sold-out). It’s refreshing to see someone make a print of Sharon Tate, as there are far too many of the maniac linked to her. The colors in the Tate print really make the image pop, the blue make this print look electric. I’m also happy to see someone do somthing with that amazing David Bowie mugshot, I have always loved that picture.

Head on over to Matt Dye’s homepage, and see what he has on the shop. These prints and more, as well as variations on each one can be found there.


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