“Curiosity” by René Campbell

René Campbell is an artist working out of Adelaide, Australia. I stumbled upon this digital painting browsing around Reddit. Not the most amazing place to find art, but there are some great finds there if you look around. The moment after I saw this piece, entitled Curiosity, I knew I had to share it here. René is 18 years old, is completely self-taught, and aspires to be a successful artist. While this is of course the goal for every artist, I think René will do quite well. If this is the caliber of work she is currently producing, imagine in the next few years what we will be seeing. This piece is 100% digital and took between 4-50 hours. Head on over to René’s Society6 page for more. Also, make sure to click the image to see a larger version, all that detail is worth it.

René Campbell @ Society6

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