Medusa Anamorph by Ninja1 and Mach505

Truly Design, an artist collective working out of Torino, Italy, recently posted pictures of a project that I had to share. I am pretty hooked on art inspired by Medusa imagery, not sure if I have talked about it enough, but it’s something I wrote about for many school projects and would like to work on a book featuring Gorgon art soon. Two members of the collective, Mach505 and Ninja1 were commissioned to do a mural/installation in a factory/urban lab which hosted Sub Urb Art. The mural was done in a way that it could only be seen as intended from one vantage point. Looking at the mural from any other angle simply broke the image down into shaped and abstract forms. I liked that they chose to do this, as we know the fable of Medusa is that if she looks at you, the viewer turns to stone. So in this sense the viewer is safe to look at the mural from any point other than head on, then taking in the full view of the face, she has you.

Check out the full post here: Truly Design

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    Hillary McMillin
    Jul 25, 2011 at 7:33 am

    The amount of thought and talent that went into this is amazing. I love it!

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