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“Occupy Hope” by Shepard Fairey

I have been trying to take a break from reading the news as much as I usually do; It hasn’t been the most uplifting lately anyway. It’s always good to take a break and remember to enjoy all of the little amazing things that happen when you really pay attention. However, It’s been hard to ignore some of the events surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement, with cops macing protesters, more people joining support, and artists jumping in and sharing their creativity for the 99%. Artists working in a variety of mediums have been creating posters that reiterate the groups message. Of course I have seen many sites that are offering shirts and posters, with no mention that your money will go to anything other than the pockets of those that sell the items but that always happens. One site worth checking out, has a good amount of OWS posters, each one is downloadable in pdf format for free, so you can help spread the images around.
Most recently Shepard Fairey has released a new image, in the same style as the Obama “Hope” Poster, which shows a redesigned figure wearing a hoodie, and a Guy Fawkes mask (representative of Anonymous and OWS). Below you can see the first version of the poster, and the updated version after Fairey received a response from an Occupy organizer.

The first poster was criticized as it came off “pro-Obama” with the use of the badge seen in the first poster, now with the 99% shown in the center, and most visible the callout at the bottom stating “Mr. President We HOPE You’re on Our Side”. In the response the Orgaziner clearly states OWS does want to associate with any major figure, especially Obama who has “raised more money from Wall Street than any other candidate in history”. The organizer goes to breakdown each one of the choices Fairey made in the creation of this new poster. In the end the poster was later changed with the full response that prompted it. Now the image states “We Are the HOPE”. Of course the colors will always associate the image with the original design, but I am curious to know how you feel about it. Does the design “reclaim” the original “Hope” poster and give it new power? What do you feel about the initial Occupy design, and the changes that were made?

Read the full response by OWS to Shepard Fairey here @ OBEY

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    Nov 22, 2011 at 7:52 am

    My only concern was with whether he was releasing the high res of this for free so folks could print it like the site you linked or if we was making a print/selling these. Because if he’s selling them he’ll make a killing of course but I think that’d be pretty messed up.

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