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The Narrative Works of Jeff Felker

An artist working out of Sacramento, Ca, Jeff Felker has a degree in English as well as studio art. He works primarily in oils, and was nice enough to share some of the new works he will be exhibiting at an upcoming show at Rothick Art Haus this February 12th, entitled “Behind the Striped Curtain”. This group show focuses on circus themed art, so Jeff’s works “address female empowerment in the misogynistic, objectifying environment of circus sideshows. In circus sideshows women are commodified for sexual entertainment value, but in Jeff’s paintings, the women earn back their self respect. By gazing out and confronting the viewer, the women are able to remain self-empowered, despite the physical oppression of their bodies.” Make sure you check out the artists homepage, as well his Etsy shop where you can also find some prints.

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