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The Surreal work of Patricia Ariel

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia Ariel received her Bachelor’s in Art Education at the Rio de Janeiro State University before moving to the US. It was here in the States that she decided to spend more time on her fine art work. She is influenced by the “theater and ballet to Eastern Art, from the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil to contemporary Pop Art, including occult symbolism, Tarot, Astrology and metaphysics.” Patricia is also a member of the Energy Art Movement which aims to capture energy in artworks with form, color, and composition. As you can see from the images below, her work is not only colorful, abstract and surreal, but very figurative. Just as there is a variety of elements in her paintings, they are also made up with a few types of media such as acrylics, oil-based pencil, and water-soluble pencils. I really love the blend of monochromatic flesh tones, and the vivid, colorful, backgrounds that surround the figures in her work. Each painting is loaded with color, texture, and motion. Take a look at the preview images below, and then make sure to check out Patricia’s homepage for more.

Patricia Ariel

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