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New work by Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is currently painting away for his upcoming solo show at Thinkspace, in which he will show 5 new paintings alongside Jennifer Nehrbass and Jeff Ramirez. I took a look at Aaron’s blog to see if there were any sneak peeks of some of the paintings that he will show, and I was very happy to see there was. A few in-process shots as well as a finished painting entitled “Drift”, oil on canvas 48″ x 32″. Besides the pearls, this almost looks as though the model was captured directly after a fluid movement into a new position directly after the painting “Shrapnel”. In this new painting Aaron has started to play with the color values in the flesh tones. I’m very excited about these new works, the in-process shots look amazing as well. Head on over to Aaron’s blog to see the works, and keep up to date with news and events.

Aaron Nagel Blog

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