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Artist Profiles: Kate Daly

Kate Daly is an artist currently residing in New York. She has spent the last year working on her “Have a Heart” series, that started “as a sort of tribute to the heart as an anatomical structure and an expression of all the meaning that has been bestowed upon it as a symbol.” Most of the works are oil paint on canvas or wood. Here are a few examples of her work, hit the “read more” to see the rest and read a statement by Kate.


“I approached each painting with an individual story based on a personal philosophy with an overall emphasis of the heart in mind. With this in mind I let the paintings transform as I painted.The series evolved into being about the heart and how it relates to the characters in the paintings. Eventually it became these character’s hearts that were cut, dead or about to explode like grenades. The heart is an extremely delicate yet strong force and is a common thread among every one of us. Inside us all, pumping us full of life and serving as a metaphor for everything we feel. I never intended for the work to come across as dark or depressing but instead to be empowering. The characters are facing hardships and overcoming them. The significance to me is not that bad things are appealing or that sadness is exciting but that caring and feeling about anything enough for it to be affecting one’s life is a good thing, not bad. I try to show a moral responsibility and a hope in humanity in my characters . However the world is not as black and white as that and we all struggle not only to do what is right but to at least have an understanding of what would be the best thing to do. My characters live in a grey area in every aspect of who they are. They are named Mr. and Mrs. Bardo, Bardo being the Tibetan word for in-between.”

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