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Artist Profiles: Sam Jinks

As opposed to the “Art of the Day” section, the new “Artists Profiles” category will be more of an introduction or a small feature of sorts.
So the first artist for this new area is Australian sculptor, Sam Jinks. His work is amazingly realistic, and at first glance is very reminiscent of Ron Mueck. Without being able to see these works in person and just judging them on pictures alone, it does look as though Sam has been more successful at making the surface areas of the sculptures look more like real skin than others have. I like that on a few of the pieces he has decided to add tattoo work as an element.

One of the sculptures entitled “Doghead”, reminds me a bit of Tom Neely’s wolfhead series. Not like it would ever happen, but I think it would be great if those two artists did a collaboration piece.

Head on over to Sam’s website to see more work: Sam Jinks Homepage



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