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Profiles: Tran Nguyen

I’ve talked about her work a little bit before, but thought it was time for a formal introduction. Tran Nguyen is an artist currently working on completing a BFA in Illustration at SCAD. She mainly works with light layers acrylic wash, some colored pencils added to the mix, all masterfully applied to a sheet of Rives BFK paper. If you have never felt Rives paper, it has this amazing texture to it and it perfect for an artist as talented as Tran. She recently had a sol show entitled “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” at the Thinkspace Gallery, and they even did an interview with her to go along with the show. Tran is definatley an artist to keep an eye on, so make sure after you are done looking at these images to head over to her blog and subscribe to her RSS if you like what you see.

Tran Nguyen Blog

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