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Teetering Bulb Process Workshop

Last weekend I attended a wonderful illustration workshop with Zelda Devon, one half of the art duo, Teetering Bulb.  This intimate peek behind the curtain of the working processes these two artists employ was a fantastic and helpful eye-opener for the small group of students who attended.

Teetering Bulb is very prolific with brains packed full of mysterious stories that they like to share.  Besides that and the slew of commissions they are hired to do on a regular basis, they are also in the midst of working on a project for DC Comics.  Teetering Bulb‘s visual style is very unique; many people have asked them how they create their magical works.  With this workshop, Zelda explained their working process from pencil drawing to digital coloring.  She also did a small critique of each attendee’s work and talked about the art business, all in a three hour session that cost only about $75.  Kurt Huggins, Teetering Bulb‘s other half, joined in towards the end of the session.

If you’re interested in taking part in Zelda’s next workshop, please drop her a line.

A Stranger’s Encounter. Read the entire Little Fiction here:

Zelda talks about her sample image:

Pomegranate is a commissioned painting:

The gathering:

The image below is from one of Teetering Bulb’s Little Fictions called The Tempest Awakens. To see the rest of the story click here:

Some serious charcoal pencil sharpening:

An illustration for musician Kim Boekbinder‘s single, Open Avocado:

The product of the workshop, an illustration for the play, Arsenic and Old Lace:

And may I introduce Cypher, Teetering Bulb’s furry muse:



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