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The Art of Stuart Whitton

An artist working out the UK, Stuart Whitton has been creating art from an early age. His primary material is graphite, and all of the works you see on his site no matter how sculptural they look, are all hand drawn. I first saw Stuart’s work on booooooom after checking out the daily feeds on the new Artwire website, which is the main reason I created that site, a new way for me to learn about art and not have to scour the net for it. As stated on Stuarts homepage, his influences are in “the process of image construction, form, and surreal ambiguity with a preference towards detailed tonal qualities true to the realistic.” Looking at his work, it’s almost hard to believe that these are simply graphite drawings. The idea that he even drew strips of paper, and folds that you believe are changing the surface quality of the drawings, are in fact just elements to the drawing. After the preview images make sure to check out his homepage. He has multiple images of each work, and has some great close up shots as well.

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