John Cebollero 2008 sketchbook for sale

John Cebollero has a sketchbook available on his site right now. The book was first released at the 2008 New York Comic Con, but for those of us that weren’t able to attend that function, we can get his book from his site.

The book is 24 pages, features 26 drawings and illustrations and is signed on the very first page. It also features a never before seen collaboration with Richard Corben. This sketchbook will set you back less than a meal at a fast food joint, so there is no reason to pass this up. These sketchbooks are limited an edition of 500.

Also, if you look in the Creep Machine store the painting that John submitted to the B Movie Show is still available. It’s quite an amazing painting, it really shows how great John is with paint and how much he rocks with ink.

John Cebollero Sketchbook

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