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Attack of the B Movie Show

“The Attack of the B Movie Show” opened April 14th at the Space Gallery in San Francisco. I have always been a fan of B Movie Cinema, and wanted to see what these artists could do with the theme. The participating artists were: 8Pussy, Alex Kuno, Andrew Barr, Arabella Proffer, Bill 13:11 McEvoy, Brandi Read, Christopher Uminga, David Macdowell, David R. Choquette, Dean McDowell, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Drew Falchetta, Ego, Emma Mount, Greg Houston, Heather Watts, Irene Mendonis, Jason Rudolphpena, Jesse Balmer, John Cebollero, Josh Callaway, Ken Garduno, Meatspider, Mr. Christopher, R.M. Hanson, Ryan De La Hoz “DELI”, S.L. Grice, Sam Ramos, Tanya Pshenychny, Tatiana Suarez & Tom Haubs.


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