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Chet Zar’s “Conjoined” @ Copro Gallery

This past Saturday, January 22nd, the Copro Gallery opened a very exciting show curated by Chet Zar. “Conjoined” is a group show in which the participating artists created works that are 3d in design. Very few shows in this art scene contain 3d works, and a whole show dedicated to them was well overdue. Thanks to Chet for curating such an amazing, and needed exhibition. Some of the participating artists include: Adam Jones, Kris Kuksi, Annie Owens, Attaboy, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Dave Pressler, Colin Christian, Charles Krafft, Jon Beinart, Neil Winn, Scott Radke, Chantal Menard, Bill Basso, Paul Chatem, Zombienose, Jordu Schell, Meats Meier, Craig Skibs Barker, Scott Hove, Craig LaRotonda, Chris Conte and many more. The gallery is still working on getting the entire show online, but there is quite a lot of work to be seen. I was happy to see some art submitted by Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), and Adam Jones (Tool).

Check out the show: “Conjoined” @ Copro Gallery

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