Christopher Ulrich “Halloween Studio Sale II” @ La Luz De Jesus Gallery

If you happen to be close to La luz de Jesus Gallery this Sunday, October 31st, you might want to check out Christopher Ulrich’s “Halloween Studio II”. Starting at 11am and going until 7pm, to give you some time to get ready for any Halloween parties, you can check out a huge amount of studies and finished paintings by the artist. Not only is this a great way to see the working process of Ulrich, via the many studies and sketches, but it’s kind of like a one day show featuring work from his “Illuminator” and “Demoneater” Series, “The Fourth Enochian Key”, “Pan’s Labyrinth” concept work, and paintings from various group shows he was in. Looking at all of this art is sure to get you even more excited for his upcoming solo show at La Luz de Jesus this December 7th, “The Reckoning”. As an art historian, the work of Ulrich is very exciting. So much of his work is filled with iconography, classic references, and it doesn’t hurt that his skill is Make sure you take a look at the sale online if you can’t make it in person, there are some really good deals such as “The first patron to buy two of the available Demoneater Doors will get one more for free, and will get their portrait painted into the centeral quattrain panel of the The Reckoning.” How cool is that?

“Halloween Studio Sale II” @ La Luz De Jesus Gallery

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