“High Class Lowbrow” @ Hyaena Gallery

On September 1st a group show entitled “High Class Lowbrow” opened at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA. The show is curated by Chris “The Creep” Densmore, and is inspired by the Lowbrow Art Movement. This scene – once subversive and filled with monsters and pin-up style girls – has changed over the years adapted new styles of art, younger and tamer artists, and has been referred to as anything buy “Lowbrow”. Under the surface is still a group of artists, and fans that love the gritty, often grotesque art that started it all. This show features work by Dave Burke, The Creep, Peter Adamyan, Eric Ortiz, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Sara Ray, Eric Pigors, and more.

Hyaena Gallery

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