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How can you help the Lunch Bunch Project?

Back in August 2009, I posted a print from Ana Bagayan that would help with the Lunch Bunch Project she is a part of. Every week Ana and a friend get together and “create home-made meal packages to pass out to the homeless of Los Angeles, CA.” And every week they run out of money as well. I just heard this past week that Ana and cohort Mere are organizing a print auction. Donated prints will be sold and go towards helping out the Lunch Bunch Project. This is a great idea, and gives people an opportunity to be a part of such an amazing thing. I’m sure we all have some prints that are just sitting there, so why not get in touch with Ana and turn those prints into food. Contact Ana here:

If you don’t have any prints to donate, there are still some copies of the “Prey” print in her shop. 100% of the proceeds from this print goes to the Lunch Bunch. The print is only
$25 + $5 shipping, and believe me they look amazing in person. A small price to pay for a great piece of art, and the ability to help those in need.

Get the print here: Ana Bagayan Store


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