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“Ides of March” by Scott Holloway @ Secret Society Gallery

Scott Holloway opened his latest solo show at the Secret Society Gallery this past March 4th. There doesn’t seem to be a website for the gallery, however Scott did add the paintings for this show to his blog. This “new work is a continuation and expansion upon concepts found in his previous major series, the contemplative and reductive: Holy Relics, Adam, and Sacred Heart.” One of the paintings is inspired from the theme of the “Three Graces”, once painted by Bottecelli as well as Raphael. Scott takes a different approach with his, showing just the arms, formed in a way to protect the apple of abundance. The show features four new paintings, shown below, but make sure to check out Scott’s site for more news and print releases.

Scott Holloway Blog

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    John A. McKeag
    Mar 9, 2011 at 12:48 am

    This gentleman is the real deal. I know the Real Deal. I met him once, and He told Scott is JUST like HIM: The Real Deal!!!
    Seriously though. What great, deep, stuff. He’s one of those “naturals”!!! I bet he just learned from observation and none of that “training” stuff. I love his stuff!
    Deserted Cities Of The Heart!!!
    Don’t stop Scott!!!! :-)
    John McKeag

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