“Idiot Box” @ Gallery 1988 LA

The latest cult themed group show, “Idiot Box” opens at the Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles tonight. This new show is all about the television, so you will see work about shows that we grew up with as well as shows that are melting our brains right now.

The show looks petty good, there seems to be a large amount of artists that focused on ALF and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was happy to see some shows such as “Twilight Zone” as done by Ken Garduno, Scott Campbell did a great mashup of “Greatest American Hero” and the “A-Team”. Marcus Shaefer (shown) did one of the creepiest “Ren & Stimpy” themed works I have seen so far.

Take a look at some of my favorites, and then head on over to check out the whole show. There is a quite a bit of prints available from the works, and I know that during he reception Gelaskins will be giving away skins of Alex Pardee’s painting as well as all sorts of goodies.

Idiot Box @ Gallery 198 LA



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