Martin Ontiveros & Jeremy Tinder @ Rotofugi

On Friday October 16th, two new shows opened up at Rotofugi. “Fake it ’till you make it” by Martin Ontiveros and “The Devourer of Men” by Jeremy Tinder. The work shown from Jeremy Tinder will all be a part of a book being released in 2010, so not only is this a great chance to score some original art from Jeremy, but also art that is going to be a part of what looks like a very interesting book.
Both artists have very colorful styles. Martin seems to be using acrylic and inks on paper mounted on wood, and Jeremy is all acrylic on wood panel with display shelf. The shelf looks like a unfinished piece of wood attached to the bottom of the painting, kind of a cool effect.
I like Martin’s work, but I have been a big fan of Jeremy’s work for a while now and really like that his show pieces are all sequential, but you can buy a single piece and not worry that you are missing anything to go with it. A cool little bonus, is that when you purchase one of Jeremy’s painting your name “will receive a special thank you credit in “The Devourer of Men” book when it is published in Fall 2010.”

Head on over and check out the full show: Martin Ontiveros & Jeremy Tinder @ Rotofugi


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