“Motion” by Erik Jones at Hashimoto Contemporary

Erik Jones opened his debut solo show “Motion” on July 5th at Hashimoto Contemporary, a new gallery by Spoke Art’s Ken Harman. This show features a new series of works that “investigates form, both abstract and figurative, through a unique combination of hyperrealism and geometric expressionism.” Each painting employs the use of materials such as colored pencils, acrylics, oils, and wax pastel. Even in the photos seen below the texture of these materials is present, and is a nice juxtaposition against the photorealistic models intwined in color and abstract geometric patterns. I was happy to see that not only was there work with figurative elements, but also some abstract pieces that centered around color and shapes.

I would have loved to see this show in person, but I imagine after such a strong debut show, this is not the last time we will see Erik Jones showing work at this gallery. Keep with up with new work, prints, and social updates on Erik’s homepage, and check out the rest of “Motion” here: Erik Jones @ Hashimoto Contemporary









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