“Necropolis” Dark Art Group Show @ Congregation Gallery

This past weekend was a good time for art fans as a handful of amazing shows opened up. One of which was “Necropolis”, a dark art group show that opened at the Congregation Gallery on Saturday. The show features work by Nikko Hurtado, Christopher Peters, Cam Rackam, Christopher Ulrich, Larkin, Dan Harding, Scott Holloway, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Cross, Jason Soles, Aunia Kahn, Christopher Conte, Kolaboy, Chad Savage, the Creep, Jason Hernandez, Sean Chappell, Scarecrowoven, Liv Rainey-Smith, and many more. The show will be on view until roughly August 12th. I was very happy to see the work of Kolaboy, as I have been a fan of his since around the time this site started. Liv Rainey-Smith also made some amazing little block prints.

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