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New Work by Jason Edmiston

While I was running around this past weekend trying to see all the shows I could, the Toy Toyko Underground Gallery in NYC opened “The Crazy Monsters” art show on May 6th. This group show featured work by Jason Edmiston, Stephen Blickenstaff, Brian Ewing, Gary Pullin, Justin Erickson, Frank Russo, and many more. This is the kind of art that really got me hooked on this contemporary art scene, and I am happy to see that there is still a few artists creating monster works such as these. Jason Edmiston created three acrylic paintings that are out of this world. “Joey”, “Axl”, and “Tommy” are all monster versions of these well known musicians. The colors are so vibrant and intense, I would love to have seen these in person, the whole show honestly. Jason has some photos over on his Flickr site of the reception, and in one of those photos you’ll see John Cebollero. Maybe the two will work on a collaboration painting soon?

Crazy Monster Show on Flickr




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