Phase 4 of the “Untitled Love Project”

On Saturday August 4th, Phase 4 of the Untitled Love Project will start. The reception is from 6-11.
If you have been watching the full show so far, some really amazing pieces have been shown. I’m quite excited about this next Phase of works.

The artists that will be involved in this phase are: 7Teen, Allison Sommers, Angry Woebots, Brian Kesling, Brian M. Viveros, Camilla Engman, Candace Metzger, Catia Chien, Chris Ryniak, Courtney Oquist, Dan-Ah Kim, Daniel Fleres, Dave Chung, Dave Pressler, Elesavet Lawson, Erik Siador, Frieda Gossett, Gabe Leonard, Inky Dreadfuls, Isaac Pierro, J. Shea #9, Jarrod Eastman, Jenna Colby, Jesse Hotchkiss, Jesse Kerr, Jon Todd, Justin Ridge, Kenneth LaValle, KMNDZ, Kristian Olson, Kristyn Dors, Marco Zamora, Mark Allen Miller, Melissa Contreras, Miss Mindy, P.J. Fidler, Patrick Ballesteros, Rachel Schmidhofer, Scott Chenoweth, Scott Saw, Timothy Karpinski, Yuka Yamaguchi & Zoso

Check out the past phases and bookmark for Phase 4 here:
Untitled Love Project
ThinkSpace Gallery

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