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Preview: Feminality Art Show: Couples Edition Round 2

Opening September 3rd at the Hive Gallery is the Feminality Art Show, Couples Edition Round 2. The show is brought to the gallery by Mike Franco from Wizard Sleeve Toys, as well as Gnomon School of Visual Effects. The show features art submitted by artistic couples, and has the couples showing a solo work a piece as well as a collaborative work. It;s great to see how some of the couples have similar styles, while others have drastically different styles but work so well in the collaboration pieces. Participating artists include: Tim and Emma Mount, Apricot Mantle and Jessica Ward, Meats Meier and Misaki Sawada, Cory Daigler & Brandi Read, Erlend & Pamela Tait (featured), Alan DeForest and Bethany Pratt, Brandan Styles and Ellie Rusinova, Tracy Tomko and Erin Asmussen, The Chung and Desiree Fessler-Chung, Stuntkid and Elizabeth Levesque, Dan Barry and Robin Coronel, and Ted Von Heiland and Anna Chung

Feminality Art Show

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