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Preview: Greg Gossel @ Shooting Gallery

This week is just filled with amazing shows. Coming to the Shooting Gallery in SF this Saturday, June 13th is a solo exhibition of new paintings by Greg Gossel. The show is entitled “Happy Endings”, even though the art in the show is a bit darker than his previous works. In an interview with Arrested Motion, Greg said “Many of the pieces incorporate this ongoing theme of a fall from grace, pieces of our collective history which were not the storybook endings that are so often portrayed in mass media.” This idea is quickly understood when you see some of the paintings which incorporate iconic figures like Mike Tyson, Princess Diana and JFK. The show looks massive, with over 60 paintings ranging from 12″ x 12″ and 106″ x 75″ such as “Iron Mike” (shown). The works are online to view, so head on over and take a look and if you can try to catch the show in person. There is also a great video priview over at Vimeo Here

Greg Gossel @ Shooting Gallery


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