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Preview” Kelly Vivanco @ Halogen Gallery

Opening this Friday, October 9th at the Halogen Gallery in Seattle is a new solo show from Kelly Vivanco. This is going to be her final show for a year or more as she will be preparing for her next solo show at Thinkspace. Most of the work in this new show has water as one of the main elements; Either water is present in the painting, or in the case of her “porthole” style paintings the design is inspired by the sea. One of the things I love about this new show, is that along with all of the new paintings, which happen to be round, she also created a wooden, 3-dimensional houseboat. I hope this is something that she does more of, her style as well as the color palette she used fits this type of work perfectly.

Head on over for a full preview after these few images: Kelly Vivanco @ Halogen Gallery


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