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Review: “Menagerie” group show @ Modern Eden Gallery

This past Saturday, no matter how cold it was here in San Francisco, we headed over to the Modern Eden Gallery for the reception of Menagerie, a group show dedicated to animals. Each artist donated a portion of their sales, from 20-100% to the San Francisco SPCA. The show featured works by Akira Beard, Peter Adamyan, Bradley Platz, Lacey Bryant, Renee Castro, Aunia Kahn, Lee Harvey Roswell, Corey Benhatzel, Leilani Bustamante, Robert Bowen, Grant Gilliland, and many more.

I loved the idea that all the work in the show were dedicated to animals; as well as being an art fan I am a fan of those that care about animals as well. There was not only a good amount of work in the show, but a wide variety of styles. Akira Beard submitted a watercolor or ink work that I believe was on yupo paper (below). It was not only textural and energetic, but shows the artists ability to capture a subject such as two dogs on a white background and make it look amazing. The show will be up until March3rd, so if you are in the area make sure to stop by. Otherwise check out the art on the Modern Eden homepage.

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