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Review: “Primal Renderings” by Sandra Yagi @ Modern Eden

On November 12th at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, a solo exhibition by Sandra Yagi opened entitled Primal Renderings. The show featured oil paintings from a few series of works the artist has been working on. Mythology and Religion, Anatomical Paintings, and Skeletal inspired works. One of the main elements of this show that really interested me was the anatomical works, I have always been a fan of anatomy in art, and it’s always impressive to see an accurately rendered musculatory or skeletal system.

I have visited Modern Eden a few times now, once before to see a new series of works by Michael Ryan (featured). The gallery was started by Bay Area artist Bradley Platz, so not only can you see work by many of the artists that are shown monthly, but Platz as well. The layout of the gallery allows for a large amount of work to be shown, and while I have not been there on a reception night, I imagine the space allows for a good amount of people to fit comfortably. For the Sandra Yagi show, there was enough space so that each style of work had its own area, such as the bondage skeletal paintings. These were actually hung in an alcove that allowed the light to give the works a secluded feel.

I was very impressed with the skill level that Sandra Yagi has, and will surely be watching her website for more works. The show is now over, but the gallery will be hosting a constant stream of impressive shows in the coming months. Make sure you stop by and see what they have in store.

Modern Eden Gallery

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