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Review: The Blab! Show @ Roq La Rue Gallery

On August 12th Roq La Rue in Seattle, WA opened the latest Blab! Show group invitational, with a specific theme of the Krampus as inspiration. For those not familiar with the Krampus, he is a pre-christian demon like creature that accompanied St Nick during Christmas and punished the bad children. The exhibition features work by Ryan Heshka, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Erik Mark Sandberg, Yoko d’Holbachie, Travis Louie, Travis Lampe, Martin Wittfooth, Ana Bagayan, Owen Smith, Chris Buzelli, Shag, Brian Despain, Mark Garro, Marc Burkhardt, Laurie Hogin, Andy Kehoe, Derek Nobbs, Alex Kuno, Andrew S. Arconi, Julianna Swaney, Jason Holley, and Fred Stonehouse. The folks over at Loved To Death, made their way from San Francisco to Seattle to check out the show. Brennan was nice enough to write a review for the Creep and share some photos as well. Take it away Brennan, after the jump.

This week while on a trip to Seattle I got a chance to stop in Roq La Rue Gallery to check out the ‘The Blab! show’. This is a group show featuring artists interpretations of the Krampus. This being my first time seeing Roq La Rue Gallery I have to say its a very nice space. The owners have done a very nice job with how the whole gallery is laid out. For this show , which was curated by Monte Beauchamp , there were the normal heavy hitters in the art world contributing pieces for this show. Travis Louie, Ana Bagayan and Shag all have pieces in this show. Of course all three of those pieces were amazing but some of my favorites were Derek Nobbs ‘The Ancient Mystic Order of Krampus’ which brought a very masonic/odd fellows feel to his piece. One of my other favorites of this show was by Travis Lampe who’s ‘Krampus in the Woods’ piece reminded me of those childhood looney tunes where the character got into the wrong thing and went on a bad acid trip. Travis’s piece was the one in the show I kept coming back to multiple times to look at again. Finally, the last piece I really enjoyed was by Mark Garro entitled ‘Krampus Takes a Holiday’. This piece was extremely detailed and I had to really get in close to catch all the little details. The custom Metal Devil frame also made this piece pretty incredible. If you are in Seattle this month do yourself a favor and stop in Roq La Rue and check out ‘The Blab! Show’ its up until the 3rd of September. After your done at Roq La Rue Stop by Shortys right down the street for some carnival themed / pinball heaven dive bar action…

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