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Well the San Diego Comic Con is upon us once again. I planned on making it out there this year, as I have never been there yet, but I will make it next year. There is some really killer artists making it out there this year. Here is a breakdown of just some of the stuff you should check out.

Food One is at table #EE-05 in the Artists Alley. He has some prints, drawings and shirt available.

Tom Haubrick, Ken Garduno & Eric Davison will be at table #f1

David Mack will be doing signings from Weds to Sun at the Image booth #2729,

Gris Grimly will be at the Mad Creator Productions booth #509, with some new shorts, a belt buckle and so on.

In the small press area, Ben Walker will be at booth O-6, stop buy and say hi maybe grab one of his killer prints.

Last Gasp Publishing will be at booth #1616 with some new releases, Scott Saw will be right across the way at booth #1621 with some new prints for sale.

Scott Campbell will be at booth #1228 and the Munky King booth #4539 with Iam8bit and nerdcore.

Tara Mcpherson will be at booth #4922 and the Dark Horse booth #2615 along with Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Mike Mignola, Bruce Campbell on Saturday and many others.

Ben Templesmith will be at the IDW Booth #1705, along with Ashley Wood and his new robot toys.

Finally, well not finally but all I care to write, Hi-Fructose will be there at booth #4938 with some artists to sign some swag for you. Kukula, Alex Pardee, Ashley Wood, Attaboy, Travis Louie and others. Check out the mainpage for times Hi-Fructose

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