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Scott Rohlfs “Under the Influence” @ Distinction Art

On October 9th, the Distinction Art Gallery in Escondido, CA opened the latest solo show of Scott Rohlfs. Entitled “Under the Influence”, the show features more than twenty new paintings by the Portland based artist. Scott primarily uses acrylic on canvas, and is able to get a highly rendered skin ton out of the paints. The faces themselves look a bit like some of the rendered faces of Sas Christian, but i’m sure any type of highly rendered face that isn’t picture perfect would do this. In a few of the works the proportions look a bit odd, necks being too small, or legs looking as if they don’t quite connect well. I would love to see the paintings in person and see if this is the same. I really love what Scott does with the backgrounds in each of these paintings. Head on over and take a look at the full show.

Distinction Art Gallery

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