Shooting Gallery “Sundance X” group show

paulchatem.jpgShooting Gallery will be having a show at the Sundance festival entitled “Sundance X”. It opens this saturday in Park City, Utah.

The show will feature work by Shawn Barber, Anne Faith Nichols, Joshua Petker, Kukula, Stella Im Hultberg, Mike Maxwell, Paul Chatem, Travis Louie, Kris Lewis and I guess some surprise artists.

If you head over to the site now you can see some of the work. I really love the piece by Kris Lewis, I can’t think of a painting of his that hasn’t blown me away. Paul Chatem (shown) as well. I got hooked on his work when it was still minimal as far as the feel of the paintings went, he is getting more and more exciting with all the action going on in each piece.

Check out the show here: Sundance X

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