Shows now online: Ron English @ Shooting Gallery SF

After spending the whole day wandering around the Alternative Press Expo, which you can read my article for Here, I stopped off at the Shooting Gallery on the way home. I was told that the Ron English show was opening that night, and never one to turn down an art show I made sure I checked it out.

I was never the biggest fan of his work, I respect what he has done, but it never caught me quite like some other artists work has. I am also not a fan of Kiss either, and this whole show is basically Bouguereau styled paintings with Kiss themes to them all. Once I got a close look at the works however, I was hooked. Ron is such a masterful painter that it really doesn’t matter if you like Kiss or not. Each one of the paintings was a masterpiece. The colors, presentation and the way he handles paint is not only inspiring but awe inducing. You really need to see the work in person, as images on the net do not show all the subtle details that these oils works have. I did take a good amount of pics, and like always I took some close up shots to show the detail in some of the paintings. You can see those pics here: Creep on Flickr

Shooting Gallery SF

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