Shows this weekend: Clowns, Cosmodelic & Deep Thoughts

Here is the rundown of shows that will be opening this weekend.

“Sweet 100” opens at the Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle. This group show features work by: Aaron Kraten, Jeremiah Ketner, Johnny Yanok, Juri Ueda, Kelly Vivanco, Leanne Biank, Saratoga Sake and many more. Check it out here: Suite100 Gallery

The “50/50” Show opens at the Eclectix Gallery in El Cerrito. The show features work by 50 artists, all works are $50. When you buy it you take it home that night. Eclectic Gallery

“Deep Thoughts” a solo show by Andrew Foster opens at the Robert Berman Gallery. The show looks amazing, I really dig Andrew’s style. Here’s a Preview. The show should be up on the site soon.

Chris Reccardi’s solo show “Cosmodelic” opens at the MModern Gallery. The show should be up on the site soon,

“Clowns!” opens at the Corey Helford Gallery. I featured some preview images a bit back. The show looks fantastic. There are so many amazing artist, Chet Zar, Natalia Fabia, Shag, Dave Kinsey, Audrey Kawasaki, Andrew Brandou, Dan May, Travis Louie and on and on. Check it out here:

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