Shows this weekend: Birds, Bruce Lee & Gentleman

SomethingsFishy5x7.jpg“Fight for Flight” opens up at the Thinkspace Gallery. It’s a special benefit show for the “API in honor of National Bird Day”. The show pieces are now online and they look great. Some really killer pieces there. See them here.

“The Gentleman’s Gang” featuring work by Bob Dob, Daniel Peacock & Nathan Ota also opens on the 4th at the SF Gallery 1988. I especially dig Nathan Ota’s work (shown), the colors in his work are so bright and vibrant. You can see the show here.

“Nature of Water (an Art Exhibition Inspired by the Philosophies of Bruce Lee)” opens on the 5th at the Gallery Nucleus. This one I am very excited about, there is a huge list of artists and I’ve always been a Bruce Lee fan. Just a few of the artists that will be there are: Kevin Dart, Aaron Jasinksi, Mari Inukai, Luke Chueh, Edwin Ushiro and many others.

“Look What You’ve Done” opens at the Together Gallery in Portland, OR. This is a group show featuring work by: Parskid, Jeremy Ehling, Bigfoot, Ego and others. I really love the work that Ego puts out, he has a killer style and I hope to see his work in person one day.

Lastly Erik Otto has a solo show at “Gallery Three”, a gallery in SF managed by the Shooting Gallery. The show is called “The Calm Before the Storm” and features some great work by Erik. All the work is online for you too oogle at.

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