Shows this weekend: Jeff Soto, Skot Olsen & Gifted

Here is the rundown of the shows opening up this weekend. Looks like its another one of those weeks that are filled with a huge amount of shows.

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters have a duo show entitled “Nocturnal” opening at Cardboard Spaceship.

“Mostly Memory” featuring work by Armsrock and Elbow-Toe opens at Thinkspace. Also in the project room, Jon Todd’s show “Life Sentence” opens. Both shows are online to view.

“Globoid Fun” a solo show of KRK Ryden opens at the Rabbit Hole Gallery. Haven’t seen this site before so I’m not sure if the pieces will be online.

“Maritime and Mythology” by Evan B Harris and the “Gifted” group show both open at the Cersoli-Lebasse Gallery. “Gifted” features work by Tessar Lo, Eric Fortune, Scott Belcastro, Melissa Haslam, Ken Garduno, Nimit Malavia, Tom Haubrick, Jeremiah Ketner and more. So much of the work in this is striking, that Eric Fortune “A Wish for the Mourning” is beautiful.

“Little Wonders”, a group show featuring works by Deli, Reuben Rude, Grant Gilliland and more will open at Fabric8 in San Francisco. None of the works will be over $100.

Art Whino opens “Skin Deep”, a solo show of Jason Snyder. Reception is from 6-midnight.

The reception for Jeff Soto’s show, “Turning in Circles” at the Riverside Art Museum takes place. Really wish I could see this one, I hope pics surface soon.

“Infinity Squared” a group show curated by Kelly Vivanco opens at Distinction Art. The show is online and looks great. Some of the artists in the show are Kelly Vivanco, Allison Sommers, Doug Boehm, Angie Mason, Ken Garduno, Jennifer Lewis, Jeremiah Ketner and more.

David Stoupakis has his solo show, “These Predicaments” open at the Corey Helford Gallery at 7pm.
Looking forward to seeing his new work once it’s online.

“Printed Matter IV” opens at Giant Robot SF. The show is all about print, screenprints, lino, you name it. Some of the artists in the show are Luke Chueh, Blinky, Deth P. Sun, Jordin Isip and more.

“Architeuthis” a new solo show by Skot Olsen opens at the Shooting Gallery in SF. The reception happens from 7-11pm. I’ll be taking pics of the show, but they are online to view now.

The “Good Samaritan’s” group show kicks off at 8pm at Copro Nason Gallery. The show features work by Brian Viveros, Naoto Hattori, Femke Hiemstra, Bethany Marchman, Mari Inukai, Tin, Chet Zar, Brandi Milne, Chris Peters, Kukula, Vinnie Cacciotti, Jasimine Worth and the Dr. Charles Manson..?
The show is online to view so check it out. Matthew Bone has a solo show in gallery 2.

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