Shows this weekend: Josh Keyes, Bob Dob & The Blab! Show

Here is the rundown of art shows that will be opening up this weekend.

Swarm Gallery will host an exhibition of new works by Josh Keyes.

Perihilion Arts will open “Black Eyed Mouseketeers”, a new series of paintings by Bob Dob. The show is online and looks great.

Cave Gallery will open “Outside my Window”, a group show featuring art by Liz Brizzi, Adam Flores, Max Kauffman and more.

La Luz de Jesus is opening its four shows, as mentioned in an earlier post, with new art from Scott Holloway, Jessica Dalva, Misato Otake & Jasmine Worth.

Varnish Art will be having its last show at the current location, and will end it all with a new solo show entitled “ThankYouGoodbye” with works from Michael Page.

Strychnin Gallery will host “The Red Thread”, which features work by Jennybird Alcantra, Bethany Marchman and Edith Lebeau, who was a featured artist on the Creep Machine. Congrats Edith!

Copro Gallery will open “The Blab! Show” featuring new paintings by Joe Sorren, Andy Kehoe, Alex Gross, Jeff Soto, Femke Hiemstra, Shag, Kris Kuksi, Ryan Heshka, Martin Wittfooth, XNO, Travis Lampe, Owen Smith, Kathleen Lolley, Natalia Fabia, Andrew Brandou, Gary Taxali and more

Disctinction Art will open “Scientific Evolution”, with new artwork from Dan Lyderson, Sean Christopher, Jasmine Worth, Gene Guynn, Christian Van Minnen, Dave MacDowell and more. 10% of proceeds to benefit stem cell research.

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