Shows this weekend: Sylvia Ji, Musink, Early & McPherson

mcpherson_newfront.jpgAlong with Wondercon happening in San Francisco, some really great art show are opening up.

Sylvia Ji has a solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery entitled “Por Vida”. The work is continuation of some the pieces that she showed at White Walls last year. I love this new work. Visit here. Along with the new show, Sylvia has redone her website, check it out here.

“A Tale of Death and the Path to Darkness” a dual show featuring work by Krista Huot and Parskid opens up the 22nd at MyPlasticHeart in New York. Visit here

The “Girls 2” art show opens the 23rd at the MF Gallery in New York. The show features work by all female artists such as: Angie Mason, Jenny Bird Alcantra, Nicole Steen and many others. Visit here

If your in the Los Angeles area (Costa Mesa) this weekend, Kat Von D’s “Musink” festival is going on. Music, art and tattoos. There is a huge list of artists I would love to see, not to mention get tattooed by Hannah Aitchison or Bob Tyrrell. Looks like it’s going to be a great turnout, that those of us that can’t go will no doubt see on “L.A. Ink” in the coming weeks. Visit Musink here

The shows im most excited about open this Saturday at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. Lori Earley is having a solo show called “Fade to Gray”, and Tara Mcpherson (shown) is having a solo show called “Lost Constellations”. I’m a huge fan of both of these artists and would love to see them in the same gallery. Visit Here

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