“Small Stuff 3” cash and carry exhibition @ Bear and Bird Gallery

The “Small Stuff 3” show opened at the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery last November 22nd, the show will run up until January 9, 2010. The feature of this show is that all of the work is cash and carry, so you buy it and then walk out with it. If your buying the work online it immediately gets shipped to you. Great idea and perfect for those still shopping for gifts, or happily being a Scrooge and just buying stuff for yourself. The show features work by Ana Galvan, Danielle Estefan, Danny Brito, Dékal, Erik Jones, Naoto Hattori, Phil Noto, Shannon Bonatakis, Skot Olsen, Bill Carman and many more. The majority of the art is small, so you won’t find too many outrageous prices save for the Naoto Hattori. He commonly makes smaller works and the detail levels are skill is well worth the price. Here are a few examples of what can be had. For the full show chck out the gallery’s site.

Bear and Bird Boutique & Gallery


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