The 6th Annual 13th Hour Group show at Last Rites Gallery

On October 11th, the Last Rites Gallery in New York opened the 7th installment of their 13th Hour Group Exhibition. Last Rites is one of those galleries that I find myself awed at every show they host, and the 13th Hour shows are often the most awe inspiring. It is these shows that you not only see a diverse range of art, but you are looking at the some of the best artists that dark surrealism has to offer. As I scoured through this years offering, I found myself wanting to share every image from this show, and even learned of a few artists that I have not had my eye on before.

The 6th edition of this show features the work of Tom Bagshaw, William Basso, Nick Baxter, Dilka Bear, Paul Booth, Matt Buck, John Cebollero, Chrystal Chan, Crajes, Craww, Matt Dangler, Brian Despain, Thomas Dodd, Mark Elliot, Jacub Gagnon, Mark Garro, Jason Goldberg, Jessica Gordon, Naoto Hattori, Fay Helfer, Kelley Hensing, Robert Hernandez, Jeremy Hush, Jessica Joslin, JoKa, Sarah Joncas, Jean Labourdette aka Turf One, Eric Lacombe, Jed Leiknes, Matthew Levin, Brin Levinson, Eli Livingston, Ver Mar, Chris Mars, menton3, Vince Natale, Chris Peters, Dan Quintana, David Richardson, Paul Romano, David Stoupakis, Tin, Emma Tooth, Nicomi Nix Turner, Brian Viveros, Allen Williams, Daniel Williams, N.C. Winters, Hannah Yata, Vincent Xeus, and Kate Zambrano.

After the preview, check out the full show here: 13th Hour at Last Rites Gallery

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