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“The Great Showdowns” by Scott C @ Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988 in Melrose opened the latest solo show of Scott Campbell this past Friday, February 4th, entitled “The Great Showdowns”. If you have been following Scott C’s Tumblr, “Great Showdowns” then this show is really just a gathering of work that has been posted for the past few weeks. It is pretty staggering to see how much work there is, and how many movies that Scott C addresses in these works. From what I have been told the work is selling very well, and it is the most popular movies that are selling the best. Scott’s drawing is very consistent and fluid, I do hope that people take the time to look at the “showdowns” from movies they are less familiar with and see how great Scott is at making these showdowns look amazing. The full preview should be online in the next few days.

Gallery 1988

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