The Vader Project

I just found this on the web, and then directly after saw it on Juxtapoz, and for all the Star Wars and art geeks out there this will be cool.

The Vader Project looks to be quite similar to modified dunny shows, in that a group of artists will modify a vader helmut how they see fit. The list of artists is great: Attaboy, Tim Biskup, Roman Dirge, Jeff Soto, Alex Pardee and so on. As it states on the site “After the premiere at Celebration IV the plan is for exhibition to travel to museums, galleries, and events around the world. The helmets will then be offered publicly at auction. Details will be announced later.”

So you might just get a chance to see it in person, or like me most likely just have to look at what will be on the webpage.

Press Release
The Vader Project

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