Tim Biskup show @ Billy Shire Fine Arts

Tim Biskup is having a solo show opening this Saturday at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, CA.
So if your lucky enough to be in the area, head on over to see the show. Or you could head over to the Billy Shire Fine Arts webpage and take a look at the work that will be shown.

Looks like it’s going to be a great show. I’m really getting into Tim Biskup’s work lately, I love how he uses color and how he arranges his the content of his work. I know he uses cell vinyl acrylic, I’m not sure how different that is than regular acrylic paint.

My favorites of this show would be: “Impaler”, “Dominator”, “Burning”, “Stem” and I really love “Left Hand” (above). The colors used the face are excellent. Has a great glow to it.

Billy Shire Fine Arts

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