“We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” @ Rivet Art

Freshly opened this August 1st at Rivet Art in Colombus, OH is a group show entitled “We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” . All the pieces from the show are inspired by cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s, which in my humble opinion had some truly amazing cartoons. There are some really excellent artists participating in the show, Andrew Bell, Charlie Owens, Daniel Elson (co-curated the show), Scott Campbell, Thom Glick, Shannon Bonatakis, CJ Metzger and more.

I was already becoming a huge fan of Scott Campbell’s work, then he goes and makes an amazing Thundarr the Barbarian inspired work “Feelin Super Similar”, perfect. I also really like Jason Limon’s “Ooze got the Snorks”. I was never a fan of that cartoon, but if it looked like what Jason has created I would have never missed an episode. Along with the original works, there is also a couple of prints to be had. Charlie Owens has a print of his piece, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” limited to 38. Chris Lee has “Mr. Villain’s Class of 1983″, which is 19″ x 13”, limited to 50 and can be framed or not.

“We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” @ Rivet Art


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    Aug 10, 2009 at 9:56 am

    The colors in the second image are amazing! and the top picture is pretty friggin funny. Thanks for sharing this0 ill have to go see more of their stuff

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