Erik Jones’ redesigned website launched

Erik Jones has just relaunched his website with a new design. The new layout still holds the same basic idea as his older layout, but is much easier to move around in, and has some very cool additions to it.

The information areas of the site (about, news, contact, etc) are now in an easy to access tabbed area. Links to his other profiles are placed right in the footer so you don’t need to go hunting for them. His gallery still has the same horizontal layout, but this time the gallery is in flash. I am usually opposed to flash, but there are exceptions and this is one of them. The images are large and quite easy to see. It also doesn’t hurt that the loading/progress bar is a sketch by Erik, so it’s pretty cool to see the sketch being “drawn” while you wait.

Hover over the images and you can click the info tab which will give you all you need to know about the piece, a shop (open soon) to buy a print of the work and a detail option. The detail part is very cool, you can basically get a super close view of the works, and you can click and drag the work around to see it all. Best thing next to really being in front of the work.

Head on over and check out his new site:

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